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24-hour control of your house or business 24x7
Free 20 day test drive video surveillance system on your site in 24 hours. Free consultation and installation.
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- few facts why you need video surveillance -
According to the police, 70% of crimes in 2017 were solved with the help of video surveillance, as well as:
On 63%
reduces losses from shoplifting
In 90%
of cases prevents penetration into the dwelling
On 35%
the number of cases is reduced negligence in production
On 50%
increases productivity in the office
We offer ready-made solutions
We collected the most popular and frequent requests and created boxed offers with a fixed price and turn-key installation:
from $245

4 Camcorders
Archive 14 days
Remote View

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from $295

3 camcorders
Archive 14 days
Remote View

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The ceremonial
from $99

1 video camera
Archive 21 days
Remote View

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from $1200

12 video cameras
Archive 14 days
Remote View

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Did not find the right option?
We will select the individual solution specifically for your task!
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Our advantages
Why customers choose us 3 key factors
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Multiple Calculation Options
We never try to sell more expensive, we will calculate the equipment based on your tasks and wishes, leaving the choice for you.
AHD camera
from $49
HD-TVI camera
from $79
HD-CVI camera
from $99
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We guarantee cleanliness at installation
Installation of video surveillance systems, however, like any other low-current systems, involves the strobing of walls, drilling holes, etc., which is naturally accompanied by a large amount of building dust and debris. In our company there are special rules and instructions concerning "cleanliness at the facility", which are performed by electricians: The preparation of the shroud and the drilling of holes are carried out using a construction vacuum cleaner; All waste that remains after the work is collected in special construction bags for their subsequent disposal;
These companies highly appreciated the professionalism and quality of work and are ready to recommend us
Want to see before buying how the video surveillance system will work exactly on your site !?
With the help of special equipment we will demonstrate the operation of different types of cameras directly in the places of their installation and choose the best option, guided by the results obtained.
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With pressure equipment you can
We never try to sell more expensive, we will calculate the equipment based on your tasks and wishes, leaving the choice for you.
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Answers to frequently asked questions
Do you give a guarantee for equipment and installation work?
Yes, we guarantee trouble-free operation of installed equipment. The warranty period is 12 months from the day the video surveillance system is put into operation. We also provide services for technical (post-warranty) maintenance of video surveillance systems.
Which system to choose: analog or digital (IP)?
With a small budget, as well as a relatively small number of cameras, we will offer you the newest AHD surveillance system, which far exceeds the quality of a conventional analog system. We build complex projects based on digital IP-based video surveillance systems.
Do you make cheap Chinese cameras?
No. We work only with trusted suppliers and install only USA high-quality and proven equipment. All the technical equipment that we install have Certificates of Conformity.
Will I be able to recognize people's faces if I install an inexpensive video surveillance system?
Yes. In addition to image resolution (in pixels / megapixels), the ability to recognize people's faces (as well as car numbers) is directly influenced by the focal length of the camera lens (in millimeters). We will offer you the best solution, without going beyond the established budget.
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